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Am I eligible?

Are you eligible to receive CalFresh?   

Answer the following questions to find out if you might be eligible for CalFresh benefits:

1. Is your household's GROSS monthly income within the limits in the chart below? 

CalFresh Income Eligibility
*People in Household
GROSS Monthly Income
Maximum CalFresh Allotment*






















8 $7,240 $1,164

 *Minimum amount is $15/month*

Each additional  household is member is +$738

*A Household size is defined as a "person living alone or a group of people living together who buy food and prepare meals together".

*Please note that the full allotment is not guaranteed and varies per person.

Do not count housemates if you do not buy and prepare food together.


2. Are you between the ages of 18 and 49?

3. Are you enrolled at least half time at UC Merced?

4. Do you live off campus?

- If you live in the Heritage apartments, you must have the 6 meal plan or less to qualify.

5. Do you meet at least one of the following?

- Have been granted CalGrant A or B (TANF certified only) 

- Eligible for WorkStudy

- Work an average of 20 hours a week or 80 hours a month

- Are a part of Guardian Scholars or the Fiat Lux program

*Please keep the following in mind when applying for CalFresh

- Unpaid internships or volunteer work do not count towards the work requirement

- Students who live with their parents must be 22 years of age or older to apply as an individual household

- International, DACA, and DREAM students may not be eligible, even with a work VISA/SSN

- Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) may not be eligible

- Students with a state certified disability only need to meet basic eligibility

If you have answered YES to all the above questions, you may be eligible to apply for CalFresh.

Apply Here!