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Office of Leadership, Service and Career

CalFresh Application Process

CalFresh application banner

 Step 1: Look Over Eligibility Qualifications

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Eligibility criteria can be reviewed on our website, or you may complete our prescreen survey to see if you appear to be eligible for CalFresh:

Step 2: Submit an Application

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Option A: If you'd like assistance completing the application, please sign-up for an application assistance appointment:
*If there are no available appointment times, please reach out to us at or stop by the Basic Needs Center.
The online application takes 10 minutes to complete and features a chat option to get assistance with your CalFresh application.
Option B: If you would like to apply on your own:

Step 3: Complete your Interview

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A social worker will contact you to:
  • verify the information on your application.
  • inform you about your rights/responsibilities.
  • request specific documentation to confirm your eligibility to the program.

Step 4: Submit Verification Forms

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Required documents can be submitted:
  • through mail.
  • by dropping off paperwork at the county's drop-off box.
View the most common verification forms here.
  • Address: 2115 Wardrobe Ave, 95341
  • Phone: (209)385-3000
  • Open Monday - Friday, 10AM - 11AM, 2PM - 3PM

Step 5: Receive Benefits

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Your benefit amount will be disbursed within the first ten days of every month.

Step 6: Submit the SAR 7 and Annual Report

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CalFresh recipients are required to report their income, expenses, and other financial changes every 6 month and year mark to keep benefits.

Other Food Support Services:

If it appears that you are ineligible for CalFresh at this time, there are other food support services available to you. Please visit our Food Support pages for more information: